AIM 2010

Welcome to AIM and IJBC 2010 in Berlin

CO2 Neutralization by Entega

CO2 Neutralization by Entega

The CO2 emissions of the Annual Meetings of CISV International were determined and the event was balanced climate neutral. The amount of 268.2 tons of CO2 emissions were neutralized by the binding of CO2 through reforestation activities under the project of ENTEGA - Community Ecosystem Restoration Program (CERP) - in the Lower Fraser Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

The CO2 neutalization certificates from the CERP project are implemented according to the standard ISO 14064-2 and registered in the Markit Environmental Registry. In addition to the sequestration of CO2, the CERP project is making an important contribution to the restoration and conservation of ecosystems and species richness. This was validate and confirmed by the Community for the Climate, and Biodiversity Project Design Standards (CCB Standards).

Serial numbers of the CO2 certificates: ISO-VER-CA-100000000000136-01012008-31122008-172771-173039-MER-0-P

Darmstadt, 19.10.2010 signed by Karl-Heinz Koch and Michael Böddeker, Managing Directors of ENTEGA Vertrieb GmbH & Co. KG

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AIM Logo

Dear friends of CISV,

We are glad to welcome you to the AIM 2010 in Berlin. We hope that you will find the following information helpful in making your plans to attend the AIM 2010. This website contains some information about the AIM and will be updated as soon as  new information is available. You might also want to have a look at the Info-Pack2 for more detailed information.

Did you guess it from the AIM logo? We have chosen "Breaking Down Walls" as our theme. We feel that this theme is suitable for us as an organisation, since we work for breaking down walls in our minds, as well as for Berlin as the venue, since the Berlin Wall was breaking down about 20 years ago (see Klaus Wowereit We are glad to announce that Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin, agreed to be the patron of our AIM. 

The staff will help you making this AIM a very productive meeting for all participants, regardless you are a long time AIM participant or a first-timer, a trustee, a committee member or an observer. Come and join us at AIM 2010 in Berlin.

For the whole AIM/IJBC Staff, Karo, Ute and Frank



  • IEC:      31.7.2010-11.8.2010
  • IJBC:    31.7.2010-4.8.2010
  • EEC:      1.8.2010-10.8.2010
  • PreAIM:  2.8.2010-4.8.2010
  • AIM:        4.8.2010-10.8.2010
  • More on dates in the Info Pack

Registration Deadlines:

  • 15.01.2010 Deadline for Applications
  • 15.01.2010 Deposit to be paid (250€ for AIM, 150€ for IJBC)
  • 15.02.2010 Confirmation of participation sent out by AIM staff
  • 31.03.2010 Last day for Cancellations free of charge
  • 30.06.2010 Travel Information due
  • 15.07.2010 Full payment due
  • More on important deadlines under registration


Travel Information:

  • Airports: Berlin Tegel (TXL), Berlin Schönefeld (SXF)
  • Train Stations: Berlin-Hauptbahnhof (central station), Berlin-Spandau
  • Bus Stop for International Services: Berlin ZOB, near exhibition halls
  • Signposts will guide you to the station Berlin-Spandau, from where a shuttle services is offered for a small fee
  • Car park is offered for free, highway in 8km distance from site
  • More on Travelling in the Info Pack

AIM Site: